About AustTags

Austtags offer a wide variety of marking products, including direct marking, metal tags, metal tag printers and barcode readers for various industries including Metal Fabricators, Galvanizers, Engineering, Steel Mills, Pipe Mills, many other Industries Encountering Harsh Environments where Permanent Product Identification is required.

We also provide systems and consumables for non-contact and contact ink based marking technologies.

Through our distribution arrangements with Dell we can supply colour coding solutions on Hot, Cold, Dry and Oily surfaces.

Whilst ink jet printers are the future, the traditional low cost contact coding and marking printers are still widely used around the world as very cost effective solutions.

We offer a range of Sauven contact coders which are ideal for applications where a product requires infrequent message changing or the environment requires a non-electronic solution with zero maintenance.These printers are available for use with interchangeable rubber 'Baselock' type together with either pre-impregnated Plastic-Ink rollers or various sealed ink cartridges.

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InfoSight Corporation (USA)

Industrial Metal Tags and in-house Laser Tag Printers Innovative, Custom designed Bar Code Printing Systems.


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Dell Marking System (USA)

Advanced Ink Marking Solutions for Industrial Product Identification, Quality Control, and Inspection.


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Sauven Marking Ltd (UK)

Leading manufacturer of ink jet printers for Direct In-Line Marking and Coding Solutions for Industrial Production Lines.