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Barcode Metal Tags survive the Galvanizing process

Posted on July 6, 2015

AustTags has introduced the InfoSight KettleTag® PLUS Barcoded Metal Tags into Australia which allows fabricators and galvanizers to identify parts from manufacture through to scanning and inspection after galvanizing.

The tags with a ceramic like white coating are Laser printed "In-house" with InfoSight Laser Tag Printers  with the capacity to feed tags individually or continuously using the LabeLase® software which is supplied with the equipment

Following printing, the metal tags are fed through a laminator which applies a protective film each side of the tag to allow it to be protected through the hot caustic and acid wash prior to galvanizing.

Sample metal tags are made available for you to trial by contacting AustTags.

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More options for Fabricators and Galvanizers

Posted on June 30, 2015

Fabricators and Galvanizers have options to Scan barcoded parts for start to finish Traceability.

Apart from the revolutionary KettleTag® PLUS system, AustTags also offer metal tag solutions to fabricated parts requiring painting and shot blasting.

PaintTag™ identifies batches and work pieces through typical paint operations…resists acid wash and common paints …water, solvent, epoxy, enamel, & lacquer….also survives heat drying and cooling.

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ShotTag™ withstands many “shot blasting” processes. The tag is a metal substrate covered with a chemical & heat resistant coating, plus a protective laminate that resists most ablative bead and steel shot blasting processes.

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An innovation for Red Hot Metal

Posted on June 17, 2015

Red hot metal can now have a barcode metal tag identification or be dot peen stamped.

Steel mills and primary producers now have the opportunity to upgrade their product Identification and traceability with the use of either Barcode Metal Tags or Dot Peen Stamping for use on metal up to 982 degrees Centigrade (1800 degrees Fahrenheit).

Hot tagging is now available using the InfoSight InfoTag® metal tags and LabeLase® Laser Tag Printers. Around the world these tags are attached to hot slabs, billets, wire bundles and intermediate products. Barcodes and text help prevent mixed batches by uniquely identifying heat numbers through cool-down processing.

ID8400 Heavy Duty Dot Peen Marking System stamps data into hot or cold metals using multiple pins which are computer controlled to form characters which are deeply imbedded into the metal and provides permanent identification. The mark is readable on even or uneven surfaces due to the “flying pin” method of stamping. This is clearly read even on rough torch cut ends.

ID8400 InfoDent® marking systems

InfoSight introduces the LabeLase® 30xx Tag Printer

Posted on July 29, 2011

The InfoSight LabeLase® 30xx Tag Printer is designed to function like the PC printer you probably already have on your desk, and fits into just as small a space. It plugs directly into the back of your PC, and with the free Producer™ software, you will be printing high quality metal bar code tags in just minutes

KettleTag®PLUS tag chosen as Hot New Product of NASCC

Posted on September 10, 2010

Intriguing new products emerge each year at NASCC: The Steel Conference, and 2010 was no exception.

The Hot Products are selected by Modern Steel Construction staff. InfoSight's KettleTag® Plus tag was chosen as one of the Hot New Products of 2010 at the NASCC Show held in Orlando Florida.