In-Line Printers for Marking and Coding

A simple printer for repeat printing of your product at high speed using fast drying sealed ink cartridges.

A unique printer for continuously printing on to metal, plastic or porous materials including steel sheets, extruded film, plastic pipes and cardboard core windings.

Low cost printer

The simplest low cost printer for applying repetitive identification marks, use by dates, recycle logos or customer product names onto material which is continuously moving.

High speed printing

The printer will operate at very low speed, or any speed up to 100 meters per minute.

Simple ink system

The ink is contained in a replaceable ink cartridge which has integral ink control regardless of print speed giving a clean low maintenance inking system. This unique ink system ensures that the print never fades until the cartridge is empty.

One ink for all

The ink cartridges are suitable for metal, glass, plastic and porous surfaces and other materials. Some applications do require a special ink.

  • The printer is driven by tyres on the type drum contacting the material, eliminating the need for any mechanical or electrical drive
  • The printer is easily mounted either above the moving material to be marked or against a diminishing reel of material
  • The print height can be up to 25mm using either interchangeable Baselock Type or flat stereos
  • Four repeat print lengths are available up to 460mm