Continuous Repeat Printer

The small Flexographic printing for product customisation and identification.

A range of low cost flexographic printers for continuous printing on to any surface. They are typically used for printing batch numbers, customer logos, recycle logos and warning notices.

No external drive required

The printer is driven by tyres on the type drum contacting the material, eliminating the need for any mechanical or electrical drive.

Unlimited choice of ink

An extensive range of flexographic inks is offered to ensure that the ink matches the material and the application including adhesion, colour fastness, water resistance, freezing and non-migration..

Quick print change

Type drums can be either for use with the interchangeable Baselock Type or suitable for flat stereos. In both cases the drums can be changed in seconds.

  • Six models are available offering print widths up to 75mm and repeat print lengths up to 457mm
  • The printers are fitted with 200dpi anilox engraved rollers for print quality
  • The main frames and type drums are manufactured from aluminium castings for strength
  • The printers can be modified for linking to a bulk ink feed and return system