with Interchangeable Type

  • Quick and easy to change print
  • Extensive range of type styles
  • Customised logos styles for all languages
Baselock Sets

All styles are available in either A or Z sets containing:

  • ‘A’ set - 6 each letters A E N
  • 2 each letters Q X Y
  • 2 each figures 0-9 & Heiroglyphics
  • ‘Z’ set - 6 each figures 0-9 & Heiroglyphics

Baselock Characters

Individual letters or figures can be supplied separately in any quantity.

Baselock Logotypes

Combinations of letters or figures can be moulded as one piece for constantly used legends. Any special design or trademark can be produced from supplied artwork.

Codapack Hand Roller

These manual printing rollers are simple to use for printing cartons and other porous surfaces.Using Baselock type allows variable information to be set quickly. The disposable plastic ink rollers are available in black, blue, red or green and will last for many weeks. The model A,B,C and D are available with either continuous rotation as standard or with a spring return.

Codaprint Hand Roller

This manual printing roller uses fast drying ink in a sealed ink cartridge and is ideal for printing on to plastic and other non-porous surfaces giving a 3 second drying time. Various colours are available including ultraviolet inks for security marking.

Baselock Hand Stamps

These can be supplied in any size fitted with a ribbed rubber base for use with any size of Baselock Type. Large handstamps can be made with a curved base to give better control when printing. Reciprocating handstamps with an integral ink pad are also available.