Heavy Duty Marking System for Metal

The ID8400 model InfoDent® marking system is a programmable heavy duty system that was designed specifically for hot marking applications in the steel industry where reliable operation under severe conditions is an absolute requirement.

The inherent ruggedness and reliability of the ID8400 InfoDent® Marking System, together with its high operating speed and print capacity, make it the ideal choice for any heavy duty marking application, hot or cold.

Typical applications for the InfoDent® marking system include permanent identification marking on castings, billets, blooms, slabs, plate and pipe.

Prints on Irregular Surfaces

The InfoDent® marker prints permanent, easy to read dot matrix characters in hot or cold metal using rapid fire, pneumatically-driven, conical tipped impact pins. This technology allows it to mark legibly on scaly surfaces as well as on rough, curved or uneven surfaces that would preclude the use of conventional die stamping techniques.

High speed printing

The InfoDent® marker can print several lines of information in a very short cycle time. For example: When configured with two rows of 4 marking pins on each row and set to print 5x7 pixel characters at 12mm (.48") high, the ID8400 can print 2 lines of 8 characters per line in 4 seconds.

User Selectable Character Sizes

A set-up menu allows the user to select the size of the characters that will be printed as well as pixel density that will be used to form the characters. Character sizes can range from 1/4" (6mm) to 1-1/2" (39mm) in height. Pixel density (font) selections are 5x7, 7x9, and 11x16. Continuous characters are available at slightly reduced print speeds.

Multiple Message Lines

The InfoDent® marker has the capacity to print single or multiple character strings. Up to 4 lines can be printed at a time. The number of characters that can be printed on each line depends on the character size selected.

  • Automatic programmable dot matrix marking system for hot or cold applications
  • Permanent, indented marks for long term product traceability
  • Rugged and reliable for severe mill environments
  • Highly legible, alphanumeric characters for manual or machine reading
  • Legible marking on rough, uneven surfaces
  • User selectable character sizes and fonts
  • High speed printing
  • Multiple message line printing
  • Print messages can be entered manually or downloaded from a host computer system