InfoTag® Laser Marker

The LL28xx InfoTag® marker uses a moving, focused CO2 laser beam to darken the specially coated white surface of InfoTag® metal tags, producing high definition black characters, barcodes, graphics and logos.

Text and barcode data may be downloaded from a host computer, or sequenced automatically after keyboard entry of starting data. The resultant rugged tags will survive high temperatures found in slab, bloom and billet casting mills, as well as hot strip mills.

Tags are loaded into the marker in 300-foot (91 meter) long rolls weighing approximately 30 pounds, and automatically feed through the laser beam marking area. When printing is finished, the tag exits the marker for easy breakoff at the nick-notch point.

Typical high-temperature tags are .008" (.2 mm) thick stainless steel which may be manually fastened to the hot product by nailing or welding. Typical medium temperature tags are .008" (.2 mm) thick and have one or two holes for manually wiring to bundles of product.

The small size of the LL28xx marker allows easy placement virtually anywhere, even In cramped steel mill pulpits. When placed on wheels, the LL28xx becomes a fully portable marker, transferrable from pulpit to pulpit by one person.

The LL28xx is available in two basic configurations. A 25-watt LL2800 model is designed for use when cycle time is not a critical requirement. The 50-watt LL2852 and LL2856 models are used when significantly faster cycle times and longer barcodes are a must. Both configurations permit unattended operation with batch printing. Barcode lengths up to 24" are standard.

A unique optics design eliminates the expensive flat field lens common in many light-duty markers. The singlegalvanometer design reduces longer term maintenance and component replacement costs.

  • LL28xx-series plugs directly into your PC
  • All-metal construction. Ideal for dusty, dirty mill environments
  • Non-contact printing
  • No ribbons
  • No ink cartridges
  • No expensive laser lenses
  • FREE Windows-base software