Galvanizing – Hot Dip Resistant & Bar Coded

KettleTag® PLUS is a metal barcode tag specifically formulated to survive the process of Hot Dip Galvanizing from start to finish.The tags are attached to fabricated steel parts before galvanizing, via wire fasteners utilizing a pre-punched hole or slot in the tag.

InfoSight's KE28xx-series of CO2 laser printers or LabeLase® 1000 Tag printers, may be used to image barcodes (1D or 2D), standard text, and even Galvanizer or Customer logos. Bar codes and text remain readable after galvanizing, through to the end-customer’s job site.

If your tracking and inventory control system requires an easy and robust method for identification, KettleTag® PLUS is the new industry standard. Real-time printing of custom information, caustic wash and acid-pickling resistance, and zinc dip survivability are just a few of the features of KettleTag® PLUS.

KettleTag Plus
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