AustTags offer marking and tagging traceability systems for industrial applications including:

  • Barcode Metal Tags which survive the galvanizing process
  • Barcoded Metal Tags attached to red hot metals for mills or re-heat ovens up to 1800°F
  • Tags with barcodes or text for metal fabrication engineers through paint, shot blast & galvanizing processes
  • Industrial laser tag printers for “in-house” laser printing of tags for tough applications
  • ID8400 Heavy Duty Dot Peen computer controlled marker capable of deeply stamping codes into cold or hot metal
  • Custom designed metal tagging and marking solutions for steel mill production lines

Whilst ink jet printers are the future, the traditional low cost contact coding and marking printers are still widely used around the world as very cost effective solutions.

We offer a range of Sauven contact coders which are ideal for applications where a product requires infrequent message changing or the environment requires a non-electronic solution with zero maintenance.These printers are available for use with interchangeable rubber "Baselock" type together with either pre-impregnated Plastic-Ink rollers or various sealed ink cartridges.

Austtags distributes the InfoSight range of marking products, including direct marking, metal tags, metal tag printers and barcode readers for various industries including metal fabricators, galvanizers, engineering, steel mills, pipe mills, many other Industries encountering harsh environments where permanent product Identification is required.

The range includes the world's first fully-automatic continuous-feed desktop laser printer for metal bar code tags, a non-contact metal barcode printing system, user friendly PC type desktop printer and a custom barcoded ID tag printer.



We have a range of equipment available to suit various contact marking options including indenting, ink printing and manual applications.

Our contact coders all use replaceable pre-impregnated Plastic-Ink Rollers and interchangeable Baselock Type to print onto cartons, sacks, shrink-wrap trays or continuous material.

We offer a range of low cost flexographic printers for continuous printing onto any surface and utilising a wide selection of flexographic inks.

The Sauven Codaprint provides continuous repeat printing onto metal, plastic or porous materials including steel sheets, extruded film, plastic pipes and cardboard core windings, ideal for date coding.

For heavy duty marking suited to hot marking applications in the steel industry where reliable operation under severe conditions is an absolute requirement, the ID8400 InfoDent® Dot Matrix Marking System is the ideal choice for permanent identification marking on castings, billets, blooms, slabs, plate and pipe.

For non automated production lines we can offer various manual solutions dependant on the surface being printed and the requirement for ink adhesion.

For high production applications where overspray may be an issue, we have a Dell Touch Marker system which uses ink cartridges and felt tip pens as well as Touch Marker Pens for manual inspection marking..